Wednesday, November 5, 2008

VI Prophet of Fidelity


A catalytic event that broke the illussion of the Lovers card; when traditional meaning of Lovers is challenged by deviant behavior. No, it was not the Devil who showed me her face, I am certain of it.

It is Fidelity who will teach us about love and what it means to us for a lie will wither like every rose ever cut down before its time; for every Valentine, Anniversary, I am Sorry, I Love You, Will You Marry Me and all other occassion mankind have thought up to profess love.

If it was Conformity who created the boundaries of socially acceptable behavior both secular and religious; then it is Fidelity who will test those boundaries. Hedonistic gratification or selfless love... we are all faithful to our own cause afterall and ultimately, we make choices that reflect it.

Thus I ask this so that I may understand, what is fidelity when there is betrayal waiting in every shadow to tempt the heart?